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The Concept

SteamOne is for anyone for whom ironing is an unbearable chore, but who needs their outfit to look flawless every day.

SteamOne is for anyone who doesn't have the time or doesn't know how to iron - the solution: smooth it and wear it!
Simply place your garment on a hanger, smooth out the creases, and wear it immediately.

SteamOne saves you time and space and makes it convenient and easy!

SteamOne, the ally of fashionistas

The wrinkle steamer is a must-have for anyone who is committed to taking care of their wardrobe.

Using gentle steam, a garment steamer is a key accessory for smoothing complex or fragile items such as suits or pleated skirts...
It is also designed to preserve delicate textiles such as silk or muslin and for all sophisticated materials: sequin tops, embroidered shirts, flocks, sequins...

SteamOne preserves fibers and will help keep your favorite clothes looking great for much longer.