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A watch we have fallen in love with. Because after all Henry London is the ultimate love story. Refined and vintage looking with English origin, even though still very young as a brand it has made a global impact. The Henry London story began with two young, successful fashion designers exploring London’s many vintage districts searching for inspiration. On one such visit to the famous Portobello Road street market in London’s Notting Hill, one of them came across an old, beautifully styled, classic Swiss wristwatch which had the words ‘Henry, August 1965’ enigmatically engraved on the case back. Obviously, a gift to a loved one, to "Henry". Although suffering the ravages of time, the watch still typified the craftsmanship and quality of a bygone age. She just had to wear it. Meeting up with her partner later that day, he loved the watch every bit as much as she did. Again, he was inspired by the attention to detail only found in high-end, luxury watches. He just had to wear it. With both of them wanting to wear this priceless possession, the couple started to think about the possibilities of reinventing Henry’s watch for today’s generation. The rear case offering space for engraving a tender message to a loved one makes it a truly special gift. ​